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Plan Activity

Why does your business plan sit on your hard drive lost and alone? How can you actively use your business plan to help you solve your employee and money problems?


Master Mind Group

Imagine that you are about to invest a lot of time and money on a project. Discover first what other business owners do with similar projects to grow, lead, and problem solve.


Blog & Media

How can you benefit from someone who has failed in business before you will? If you enjoy useful business experiences with an edgy sense of humor – then this blog’s for you.


Association Workshops

Need to add some value to your next meeting of business owners?  Let’s put together a workshop for your association where your members will learn and have fun!


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"We have useful information to share with you with more coming. Don’t miss a post from author John J McAdam by getting you’re here: We want to hear from you.
• Share your one hour business plan success story
• Vent about your problem employees
• Complain about not making enough money
• Get free business intelligence information



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