About Us

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We work with people that need a business plan before they spend a lot of money and years of time on a new direction for their business. We help organizations solve employee and money problems through active business planning. We help you plan for anything new.




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We do what we do because we strive for achievement for our clients. For us, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that we experience, as the goals of our clients become reality. For some, business planning is arduous. For us, it’s fun!



An active business plan is your new business mentor. It works extremely well, but you must trust the planning process. In addition, you need an experienced facilitator that Managing Partner John McAdam provides. “John McAdam is your Uncle in business. He’s a voice of experience, guidance, and support,” states a former client.

Enough about us – let’s talk about you. You need a business plan that works and you will use. Do you want a plan to achieve your goals? Let’s start with a benefit-oriented value proposition to make your business model stronger. We have a free offer for you and here are the steps:

1.  Download our value proposition worksheet by clicking here   

2.  Email your draft to us at info(at)pioneerbusinessventures(dot)com

3.  Schedule a free 15-minute consultation for constructive feedback here: 


4.  Use your feedback to edit and improve your value proposition

5.  Use our work together to start earning more business

6.  Decide if you want more active business planning for your success