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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) in the University Publishing Industry

During our SWOT mastermind discussion in Philadelphia, we shared common industry issues that challenge how we operate a university press. The Strengths of the SWOT analysis centered on peer review, curation, and scholarship, as well as data handling and project management. The Weaknesses and Threats, outlined below, seemed manageable. Many of us have been dealing…
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How to Manage Your Lawyer

How to Manage Your Lawyer Eventually we all need legal advice in business with key legal areas. When your first form or acquire your business, you should have counsel review all documents to represent your best interests. When key contracts arise with customers, suppliers, employees, investors or new partners, you need legal counsel. Basically, any…
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How to Make Tax Time Easier Next Year

How to Make Tax Time Easier Next Year Isn't tax time the most wonderful time of the year? Yeah, right. During tax season, I know some small business owners who amaze me with their ability to procrastinate. They cram weeks of tax preparation work into days. Tax time reminds me of college, when some people…
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5 Disasters for Your Small Business to Avoid

5 Disasters for Your Small Business to Avoid Whether you’re operating a start-up or an established business, the small-business world can quickly become a minefield. Briefly, let’s review the more common types of business disasters faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners today. Neglecting your marketing and letting your new-customer pipeline run dry If you…
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