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Here, we focus on the mind, body, and spiritual sides of business. We are so busy today that we ignore our personal health. When we do, things start to break down. Health should be managed proactively. Here’s how.

Getting Through a Dark Business Situation

Did you ever feel like you were in a truly dark business situation? So far deep into the woods that you wondered, “How did I get here?” That you asked yourself, “How do I get out of this mess?” I’ll certainly share my dark business situations with you, but I would rather illustrate this point…
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Five Things I Wish I Knew About Business at Age 18

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have the knowledge that you have today, but at a younger age? Being older and wiser, then going back to an earlier time, would remove a lot of stress from life—and it could even be fun! The formative years of middle school, high school, and…
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How Do You Deal With Being Ignored in Business?

Have you ever sent an email or left a message with someone and only heard crickets? How about that proposal you wrote at the request of a prospective client? You sent it on time and followed up with emails and telephone calls, only to receive no response. How did it make you feel—angry, disrespected, ignored,…
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