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Five Things I Wish I Knew About Business at Age 18

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have the knowledge that you have today, but at a younger age? Being older and wiser, then going back to an earlier time, would remove a lot of stress from life—and it could even be fun! The formative years of middle school, high school, and…
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Is Your Marketing Supporting Your Sales?

What Is Marketing? Why do so many businesspeople today confuse marketing with sales? I feel sorry for people who mix up marketing and sales when trying to generate new business. Closing a sale is hard enough with marketing support, let alone without it. Have you ever tried to sell someone a product without marketing it…
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How Do You Deal With Being Ignored in Business?

Have you ever sent an email or left a message with someone and only heard crickets? How about that proposal you wrote at the request of a prospective client? You sent it on time and followed up with emails and telephone calls, only to receive no response. How did it make you feel—angry, disrespected, ignored,…
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