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As business leaders, we each face crossroads with important decisions to make. You need someone more than a friend or a mentor to speak with in detail about your pressing business issue, particularly when there are many problems to solve. I know that I’ve been there. I remember being alone at night in my office after my employees went home at 5 o’clock having no one to help me decide on the optimal courses of action.


Top 5 Reasons Why a Business Leader Needs An Advisor

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I am frustrated with our business growth (more)

Even the fastest-growing companies eventually mature growing organically. Quality products last longer. Quality services eventually become systematic. What are your options? Your options and best answer might not be obvious. For a list of strategic alternatives to consider if your business growth has slowed, flattened, or declined, contact us.

There is no one appropriate to speak with at my workplace (more)

If you are struggling to hire better employees, you know that you shouldn’t talk to your employees about it. If you’re evaluating an acquisition opportunity, your management team might not qualify to advise you, plus they have conflicts. If some of these situations resonate with you, then the good news is that a business advisor can help you.

I must have more talented people around me (more)

As a business grows, the nature of the work naturally changes with the evolving needs of the business. To help you manage the work, are the right people in your room or even in your building? If not, then as the leader, you probably need to look outside of your company. Let’s begin by understanding your work style by taking this brief Behavioral Assessment here, contact us for more info

Where the hell is my money going? (more)

You work hard, your teams work hard and all this money is flowing and out of your business. Too many business owners look at their checking accounts, see enough money in them, and conclude that all is well. Maybe, but maybe not. Don’t wait to lose money to start understanding where your money is going. A simple budget that matches your internal income statement and tax return can truly help you understand where your money is going.

I need someone other than my accountant and lawyer (more)

Most small business owners needs a tax accountant for tax compliance and a lawyer for contracts, agreements, and general legal issues.  An accountant by definition works in the past and processes historical transactions. The lawyer most often deals with legal issues in the past and present. But what about taking control of your future?

Do you have someone that can help you with a roadmap for your future business goals? As you try to achieve them other problems ultimately arise. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who helps you manage your current situation and the future situation that you want?

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