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Interim Management Team Services

Recently, we were commissioned to write the business plan to advance a cure for breast cancer by a group of oncologists, scientists, and lawyers. The group abdicated the literal writing of the business plan to us. Currently, the plan is implementing. Then it became clear to us that many worthy businesses have insufficient business experience and connections. We can provide them with the support they need to succeed. We also began providing interim management services for this organization and others like it. What a great mission! There’s so much to do for them and for other organizations: secure intellectual property, negotiate licensing deals, commercialize the science, raise equity, build a website, recruit the management team, and more. How could we say no? While your business might not be curing cancer, you might have similar needs—on a larger or smaller scale.

Similarly, as a business expands and contracts over time, occasionally a manager in a new role needs to do something completely different. Perhaps the new role is strategically lean, performing what were once multiple functional business disciplines: operations, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, IT, HR, etc. We can execute this role for you until it functions to your specifications and is ready for transition. Typically, our engagement terms range from three to nine months.


If this interests you, then you have three options:


Do It Yourself (DIY) – Carry out the “new role process” yourself without assistance, including:

  • Conduct a needs assessment
  • Document the job description and job specifications for later recruiting
  • Perform the role
  • Get feedback and adjust to the new role
  • Find and interview candidates
  • Train and on-board the selected candidate
  • Monitor and adjust performance as needed

Delegate the New Role to Us

  • We go through the DIY phases with you.
  • We fill the new role semi-virtually.
  • We constantly refine the documentation around the position.
  • We transform the position to a new person of your choosing on a part-time, permanent, or outsourced basis.

Outsource to a Third-Party Company

  • You can literally outsource anything today. The easiest roles to outsource are those that are routine and repetitive in nature, such as accounting and operations. The most difficult roles to outsource are those that require judgment, such as sales, marketing, or interim CEO functions. Others fall somewhere in between.
  • We have an extensive network of organizations that outsource functional disciplines for businesses. The main questions are: which organization is right for you ,and what roles can your leader let go of, delegate, and outsource?


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